...actually I looked at them twice, and v pretty they looked too.
— Jay Rayner
The best custard tart I have ever eaten ( and I’ve eaten a lot ) !
— Olivia Seymour
Wow it was divine.. the best thing I have tasted in a long long time...
— Hana Kay
Desserts that look and taste divinely, conceived and made daily by one single person, a visual artist who one day decided to make patisseries her medium with which to connect with others. I love every bit of it. If only more people were putting all this love, care, detail and dedication to what they offer to the world!
— Maria Theodoraki
What would I do without your cakes?
— Anna Giza
Perfect pastry, light, crumbly, delicious and encasing the most delectable banoffi(sp?) my taste buds have ever witnessed!
— Lol Henderson
GASTRONOMY AND ART. Shutishuti not only bakes delicious and creative pastries and tarts, they do it beautifully. I love them.
— William Reuben